Zend Certified

Technical Lead

Kiss and Dry approach

International Experience


Hi! My name is Jacob and I am Senior Web Developer.
I started builiding websites when I was 15 years old. During this period I have programmed about hundered websites, worked with many big clients for agencies in Poland and UK.

I have a huge experience in leadership of web projects and technical teams.

My main field of work covers technical areas, although I have an experience
in sales and marketing, not only on a polish market.
I am certified (PHP 5 and Zend Framework) developer by Zend “The PHP Company”

ZCE-PHP5-logo-XS Zend Certified Engineer

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In order to lead development team of one of the biggest agency in Poland I had to always be up to date with new technologies, trends and approches.

Although I find myself as an excellent backend architect and programmer,
I have very strong frontend skills, which allow me to build advanced HTML5 websites and be an authority for team mates.



  • Mondelez International

    Web Client
  • T-Mobile

    Web Client
  • Unilever

    Web Client
  • Nike

    Web Client
  • Coca Cola

    Web Client
  • AkzoNobel

    Web Client
  • Renault UK

    Web Client